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Yours is a thoughtful, sensitive, artistic temperament, with noble aspirations.

anonymous advocate — INFJ

“What is this information about?” Actually this is a personal note regarding my personality. My purpose to write this down here is to see which areas that still need to be improve. By the way, I’m using 16 personalities as a medium.


Lucy — Lucia — Luce — 103cia
For those of you who have never seen my face — personal document

“To be, or not to be: that is the question.” In this famous soliloquy, Hamlet reveals his melancholic nature: thoughtful, introspective, slow to act, deeply sensitive with noble ideals. To the ancient Greeks, melancholics were the earth: heavy, deep, difficult to penetrate. If you are a melancholic, you are very likely artistic, romantic, and attentive to detail. Quiet and introverted (except with very close friends and family) you will need to recharge your batteries by spending time alone. In fact, you probably enjoy time alone more than most — whether it is a solitary stroll in the woods, reading a book, writing or other artistic endeavor, prayer. You ponder the deep questions and focus your aspirations on lofty ideals.

You may worry about the past, have anxiety about the future, and struggle with perfectionism and self-criticism. Your high ideals and fear of making mistakes might cause you to hesitate before taking on projects. You might say “no” when someone asks you to do something new, but once you have begun a project, you will persevere to the end, and you will do it well! You prefer having a few, very good friends, rather than knowing a lot of people superficially. You may long for a deep soul-mate, but you are cautious when it comes to opening up to people. Some may consider you aloof, but you simply need time to warm up.

Time alone is vital. In relationships, you may be slow to initiate, cautious and pessimistic — yet, once committed, they are unwaveringly loyal and self-sacrificing. On the job, you are careful, abide by the rules, and attentive to detail; many artists, musicians, designers, therapists, priests, accountants, and actors are melancholic. You are frugal, a wise shopper, and you are classic in dress.


Strengths and natural virtues

analytical, artistic, careful, cautious, choosy, conscientious, deliberate, delicate, discreet, detailed, elegant, exacting, guarded, idealistic, introspective, judicious, lover of truth and beauty, meticulous noble, orderly, painstaking, particular, quietly passionate, persevering planned, pondering precise, prudent reasoned, reflective, religious, reserved, restrained, romantic, shy, serious, sensitive, studious, thorough, thoughtful

Weaknesses and natural vices

aloof, apprehensive, brooding, cool, critical, demanding, distrusting, envious, fearful, grudge-bearing, haughty, hypochondria, highbrow, jealous, judgmental, nitpicking, perfectionist, pessimistic, reluctant, scrupulous, self-righteous, skeptical, standoffish, strict, superior, suspicious, timid, uncommunicative, unsocial, undemonstrative, wary


If you are a sensitive, perfectionist melancholic, recognize that your self-worth does not depend on being perfect. Don’t worry about the past or future: live in the present moment. Learn what things you can let go of; especially let go of negative self-judgments. When you are overwhelmed by your own thoughts or emotions, try focusing on others instead; be charitable and thankful; keep a gratitude journal; don’t set your goals and expectations impossibly high; practice flexibility and sociability. To motivate yourself, think “what is the worst that could happen?”

My personality type [INFJ-T]

The Advocate (INFJ)

The Advocate (INFJ) personality type is defined as having the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging traits. This combination makes these personalities stand out uniquely with a quiet, principled version of humanism. They think and feel with a depth that brings challenges as well as opportunities.

Advocates are the rarest personality types of all. Still, Advocates leave their mark on the world. They have a deep sense of idealism and integrity, but they aren’t idle dreamers — they take concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting impact.

Advocates’ unique combination of personality traits makes them complex and quite versatile. For example, Advocates can speak with great passion and conviction, especially when standing up for their ideals. At other times, however, they may choose to be soft-spoken and understated, preferring to keep the peace rather than challenge others.


Shared personality traits: Intuitive (N) and Feeling (F)

Constant Improvement

Shared personality traits: Introverted (I) and Turbulent (-T)








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